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Australian Fulbright Alumni Association 

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In 2016 we updated our governance structure to reflect the national nature of our organization through the formation of a national committee, and to ensure a lean approach to governance given this is a volunteer run organization. If you wish to review our Constitution and Bylaws a current copy of our documents are available for download.

AFAA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for its members to participate in AFAA events and activities that is free from all forms of unacceptable behaviour, discrimination, bullying and harassment. Thus all members and attendees at events are bound to adhere to our code of conduct. You may download a copy of that document here and also pasted below.


Section 1

Members agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct in section 2.

Section 2

Members must:

  • (a)  Behave with fairness and integrity, and avoid conflicts of interest;
  • (b)  Conduct themselves at official events in a manner that will not reflect negatively on or adversely impact the Fulbright Brand or the Association;
  • (c)  Treat others with respect and courtesy, having regard for the dignity of the people members interact with;
  • (d)  Strive to strengthen the reputation and relationships of the Fulbright community;
  • (e)  Comply with the Association’s constitution and bylaws.
  • (f)    Comply with the laws and regulations of Australia.

“Official events” include meetings, lectures, social occasions, formal dinners and other events organised by the Association or its chapters.

Section 3

Any person affected by a member’s behaviour may make a complaint to the Committee.

Section 4

The Committee may pass a resolution to investigate member behaviour:

  • (a)  upon receipt of a complaint; or
  • (b)  at its own discretion;

when it considers that a member has likely contravened the Code of Conduct.

Section 5

After passing a resolution under section 4, the Committee shall appoint a subcommittee to inquire into the matter and provide recommendations to the Committee.

Section 6

The member the subject of an investigation will be given notice in writing seven days after the resolution is passed, and an opportunity to be heard by the subcommittee.

Section 7

The subcommittee shall report to the Committee and make a recommendation for a remedy to the contravention of the Code of Conduct.

Where the Committee considers that the member has contravened the Code of Conduct, the remedies available include:

  • (a)  formal apology;
  • (b)  suspension of membership;
  • (c)  termination of membership.

Section 8

The Committee shall adopt or reject the subcommittee’s recommendation by resolution.

Section 9

The Committee shall provide notification in writing to the member in question of the result of the investigation and provide reasons for the decision, within seven days of the resolution.


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