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AFAA Mentorship Program

The AFAA Mentorship Program is an initiative designed to help set up mentoring relationships between experienced Fulbright alum and early-career Fulbright alum. This page outlines how to get involved and the expectations of the program.

Embark on an 8-month transformative journey with AFAA's Mentorship Program, starting from the date both mentor and mentee sign the agreement.

As a mentee, this isn't just an opportunity— it's an investment in your personal and professional development! Imagine having a seasoned mentor guiding you through your field, sharing experiences, and helping you navigate challenges.

As a mentor, it's a chance to give back, shaping the future of those starting their journey. By joining, you invest in your future and contribute to our legacy of excellence.

Throughout this period, mentorship offers a multitude of benefits, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • sharing industry expertise and knowledge
  • personal development
  • learning about each other's experience and insights
  • sharing skills, advice and encoouragement
  • planning career progression and setting goals
  • passing valuable lessons between each other


Prepare to boost your career in the upcoming year with the AFAA Mentorship Program! Check out this year's schedule below, featuring an enhanced offering of two call-outs per year. If you can't join right away, no worries – our second mentorship call out later in the year is here to accommodate you!

Program Timeline

 5th February   First call out applications open
 4th March  First call out applications close
 March - April  Pairing process
 1st - 7th April  Pairing process finalised and mentorship agreements returned and signed
 w/c 8th April  First call out Program Open Event - via zoom (date to be announced)
 8th July   Second call out applications open
 29th July  Second call out applications close
 July - August  Pairing process
 26th - 31st August  Pairing process finalised and mentorship agreements returned and signed
 w/c 2nd September  Second call out Program Open Event - via zoom (date to be announced)

How to register your interest in the Mentorship Program

AFAA members can register interest by logging into their member account and updating the mentorship related questions. Follow the steps below to fill in the questions and successfuly register interest to particiapte in the mentorship program: 

If you are an existing member log in and update your profile making sure to fill in all of the relevant mentorship scheme details. If you are joining as a new member, make sure to complete these portions of your application to ensure we include you in the scheme.

1. Go to the AFAA page

2. Click on log-on (box on the top righthand side) and enter your log in details.

3. Go to My Profile and click Edit Profile.

4. Scroll down to find the mentorship related fields. Fill in the fields with details about yourself, providing as much information as possible as this assits the Mentorship Team with the paring process.  Completing the fields will take about 5 minutes to complete. Please note, the fields are private and will only be viewed by the AFAA Mentorship Team.

5. Press Save.

If you have any questions or require any support filling in the form, do not hesitate to reach out to the dedicated AFAA Mentorship team on

Program Guidelines

As each mentoring relationship is considered unique, there are no prescriptive guidelines. However, the AFAA Mentorship Team will provide prospective mentorship pairings with our Official Mentorship Program Guidelines and Agreement during the pairing process to help guide pairings. 

Advice provided and discussions held between the mentor and mentee must be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party, unless mutually agreed by the mentor and mentee. Any advice, comments, suggestions, opinions or information (in either individual or combined occurrence) imparted (verbally, in written or electronic correspondence, or by a combination of these) during and in the framework of the academic mentoring network and its entailing programs, are so done with the best intentions and according to the best knowledge of the mentor or mentors involved. Whilst every care is taken to deliver accurate and complete advice, comments, suggestions, opinions or information (in either individual or combined occurrence), no liability whatsoever attaches to the mentor or mentors nor to the AFAA Committee in any way as a result of giving that advice.

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